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About M/S Donalda Grebbestad

We offer boat tours and restaurant, all in a unique environment where the marine elements testify to bygone days.

During the summer we have a fixed timetable you can accompany us to the archipelago on. But you can always book us all year for Charter & Events etc.

History of M/S Donalda

It was of its time a very large fishing vessels. In 1926 she came from the ring turns on Marstrand Åstol. Pisces Anders Johansson and Johan Berntsson bought her for 13,550 –
Donalda measured 60 feet and had a gross tonnage of 49.5 and was equipped with a single cylinder “Avance” about 15 hp giving a top speed of approximately 4.5 knots

In 1936 she was sold to pisces Hard Johnsson, Rudolf Jakobsson and Albanus Johnsson from “Fisketången”, just south of Kungshamn (formerly Gravarne).
In 1940 they switched out the old “the advance” toward a modern double cylinder JM, (June Munktell) about 75 hp on each cylinder with a larger two-bladed propeller. This increased her speed to the double.

Fishing occurred along the west coast, the North Sea and in different waters. They used different methods of fishing such as trawling, nets and longlines, until 1970, when the gear was shelved.
The same year 1970 was Donalda purchased by Uddevalla diving club who converted her from the fishing vessel to recreational vessels. There she stayed for 5 years, until 1975, when she was bought to Bohus Malmön by Captain Astor Knape with his son Bengt and Captain Mats Andreasson and Jens Olsson.

When she came to Bohus Malmön she registered for passengers for up to 90 people and then ran charter and tour guides for “Bohusgårdens Conference” and visitors on the island. Here she stayed for 12 years.

In Grebbestad Thorsten wanted to get a tour boat, after many years of sailor in the great oceans and along the world’s coastlines. 1986 began construction of Tanumstrand and the project of a tour boat was a fact.
Thorsten contacted the then owners of Donalda and April 24, 1987 she was bought by Thorsten and got its new home port in Grebbestad.

1990 Thorsten met his wife Lisbeth and they have since that year been working together on Donalda.

Today, thirty years later Donalda still going on her tours in the most beautiful of archipelagos. Externally identical as close to the original as it was possible. With heritage as an incentive and an activity that contributes to the diversity they could in 2010, after many years of planning and investment to open the restaurant below deck. This has contributed to Donalda can operate fully all year.

This is Lisbeth

Lisbeth is the recipient of your bookings and answer the phone. And aboard the M/S Donalda Lisbeth takes good care of you.

This is Thorsten

Thorsten is the captain of the M/S Donalda and talking happily weather. During archipelago tour Thorsten tells anecdotes about the archipelago and the islands.

About M/S Donalda Grebbestad

M/S Donalda Grebbestad dates back to the 1900s and today she is owned by Thorsten Klevsäter and Lisbeth Stensson. Read more about M/S Donalda Grebbestad


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