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Tour to Weather islands

In the summer months we head to the Weather Islands. The islands have a rich history and consists of hundreds of rocky islands and islets.

“Storön”, where we go ashore has today a harbor and an inn. We stop here on the Big Island in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Here you can walk to the old lighthouse, or maybe take a dip in the sea?

Bring your painting equipment, book, kayak or why not your scuba gear? Enjoy the lovely atmosphere with the ocean around you.

During the trip, Thorsten tells the stories about the islands and the activities carried out here today.

The islands have a rich flora and fauna, and perhaps you will see a harbor seal along the way.

About M/S Donalda Grebbestad

M/S Donalda Grebbestad dates back to the 1900s and today she is owned by Thorsten Klevsäter and Lisbeth Stensson. Read more about M/S Donalda Grebbestad


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